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Professor resigns from academic organization over liberal bias, lack of political diversity

via ASPA website

A political science professor from Portland State University has resigned from the American Political Science Association (APSA), citing the group’s “serious lack of political diversity.”

In an essay published for Minding the Campus, Dr. Bruce Gilley described his efforts to assemble a panel for the APSA’s annual meeting that would enable scholars to discuss and critique the results of the 2016 election, a panel which included respected scholars from both sides of the political aisle to ensure political and intellectual diversity.

When his panel was rejected, Gilley assumed someone had submitted a better proposal for a panel that would examine viewpoint diversity in political science. When he received the conference program, however, it appeared that the APSA had taken a hard left turn towards progressivism following the election of Donald Trump.

Of the 11 panels included for the conference, seven of them were focused on mainstream teaching topics for political science. The other 4 topics comprised issues of progressivism, gender identity, and anti-Trump propaganda.

One panel titled “Let’s Talk about Sex (and Gender and Sexuality),” focused on ways that academics should rearrange their classroom around ideas that were “genderfluid, transgender, or gender nonconforming.” A second panel titled “Tolerance, Diversity, and Assessment,” instructed professors in various ways in which they could use administrative intimidation to compel students to obey certain group identity agendas, none of which included conservative or Christian principles.

A third panel, titled “Taking Advantage of Diversity,” was, according to Gilley, designed to “help scholars to understand why their quaint notions of cutting edge knowledge are merely expressions of white identity.” In other words, if an academic has worked very hard on his or her research and come across a new discovery that they believe to be cutting edge, those who happen to be white should stop and remind themselves that presenting their work in this manner may result in over-burdening students with their white identity in the classroom.

The last panel, titled “Teaching Trump,” was composed of liberal feminist scholars; that was the extent of APSA’s efforts to ensure political diversity at their annual conference.

According to Gilley, APSA has taken a hard left turn since the election of Donald Trump, including their support for the anti-Trump March for Science in April, as well as bombarding their members with a constant supply of anti-Trump and anti-Republican propaganda on their homepage.

The efforts by APSA to censor political diversity sends a clear message that the organization is not in favor of professors teaching ideas that may fall out of what the organization considers to be acceptable teaching in the classroom, i.e., progressivism and anti-Trump ideology.

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