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Georgetown law professor calls Trump “a rapist”

via Professor Watchlist

A Georgetown University law professor recently claimed that Betsy DeVos’ “boss is a rapist.

The meltdown came as a reaction to the Department of Education’s announcement regarding revisions to Title IX policy.

“True to form, this administration is more concerned about protecting rapists,” Adjunct Professor Preston Mitchum stated in a recent tweet, asking “who is surprised?”

In reality, the department is taking steps to make sure that students are treated innocent until proven guilty — something that has not happened with some high profile campus rape accusations which later proved the accused to to be innocent.

Mitchum, who describes himself as “black, queer, [and] feminist,” often vocalizes his political opinions on Twitter, and recently garnered media attention when he tweeted that “ALL white people are racist” and that “ALL men are sexist.”

Yesterday, Mitchum followed up on that idea:

“Months ago I pissed mostly conservative wyt [sic] people off by saying they were all racist. Guess what? I’m still not wrong,” he tweeted.

“And if they don’t understand that social conditioning is what makes them racist, then that isn’t my problem… So many wyt [sic] people think they’re anti-racist but aren’t doing anything to NOT receive benefits. Still racist,” he continued.

In addition to his hatred for Donald Trump and white people in general, Mitchum has also made known his hatred for law enforcement. 

“I really, really, really, really, really, really hate cops,” he emphasized. “Hate them. The power. The unfettered abuse. The narcissism. Hate hate them.”

Mitchum is not happy about the backlash he has received for professing such extreme view points but continues to promote them anyway. 

“I am very vocal on social media,” he told The Tab. “I’ve done a lot of writing on the Trump administration and during the election, a lot of work against the conservative propaganda and against racism, sexism, LGBT antagonism, etc.

“It doesn’t shock me. But it does worry me. I believe in community and safety and love and support.

If only Professor Mitchum applied those concepts towards individuals with whom he disagrees.

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