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Americans oppose ‘Antifa’ groups and want free speech protected, poll shows

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

According to a new poll released on Wednesday, 63 percent of people oppose anti-fascist or ‘Antifa’ groups.

Following the deadly riots in Charlottesville, Virginia between white supremacist groups and Antifa counter protestors, McLaughlin and Associates conducted a public opinion poll to evaluate American attitudes on free speech and Antifa groups.

The results revealed that Americans disapprove of the left-wing Antifa hate groups and believe that freedom of speech is everyone’s right.

The poll was conducted after the Charlottesville protests and surveyed 1,000 likely voters. Of those participants, 36 percent identified as Democrats, 33 percent as Republicans, and 31 percent declared themselves independent voters.

The study asked responders, “Given that Antifa advocates violence as the appropriate response to free speech they disagree with, do you support or oppose Antifa?” Of the people who voted for Hillary Clinton, 52 percent said they opposed Antifa and 28 percent stated that they supported the extremist group. 73 percent of Trump supports condemned the group.

(Screen shot via McLaughlin and Associates report)

Overall, the study found that 63 percent of responders do not support Antifa, and more than half said they ‘strongly oppose’ the group. Nearly a quarter of participants support Antifa.

The survey also addressed the ongoing free speech debate. When asked if freedom of speech is a guaranteed right for all, 85 percent of people said it’s a right that everyone is entitled to. Nine percent of responders believe that freedom of speech is not a fundamental right, and should be restricted if it offends someone.

(Screen shot via McLaughlin and Associates report)

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