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College offers monetary grants to fund student protests and “social justice work”

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Kalamazoo College in Michigan is taking the fight for social justice to the next level by offering students up to $1,500 grants to protest and get politically active.

According to the school’s website, the Social Justice Leadership Fund will provide anywhere from $50 to $1,500 to support “capacity-building experiences,” such as conferences (to attend or present), trainings, travel for actions (like protests and rallies), and organizational team building, among other activities.

The SJLF pledges to help any individual student who attempts to meet one of three goals:

  1. Build relationships (both within and outside of the college community) to support leadership on campus and beyond.
  2. Stimulate, guide, or promote social justice research or scholarship.
  3. Engage in social justice work or activity to promote personal leadership development and build capacity for campus leadership.

Kalamazoo College is a small private liberal arts school with just over 1,400 undergraduate students. It hasn’t made many headlines with respect to politics or speech on campus, but it adds to the growing list of colleges and universities that are buying into identity politics and social justice advocacy.

A poll from Gallup found that only a third of Republicans are confident in U.S. colleges, compared to over half of Democrats. One of the main reasons for this, Gallup says, is because Republicans believe “that colleges and universities are too liberal and political, that colleges don’t allow students to think for themselves and are pushing their own agenda, or that students are not taught the right material or are poorly educated.”

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