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UC Berkeley uses taxpayer dollars to organize a “resistance” event

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The University of California – Berkeley is hosting a lecture where students will learn what “effective resistance” looks like, and how to use it to undermine President Trump’s agenda.

UC Berkeley claims that the speech, which will be given by the head of Greenpeace USA, “honors the memory of the late Mario Savio, spokesperson for Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement.” Members of the College Republicans at UC Berkeley feel that a lecture designed to organize students to “resist” President Trump and conservatives is a waste of taxpayer dollars being spent on a left-wing event.

Matthias Ronnau, Internal Vice President of the UC Berkeley College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics, “While the University hosts a lecture series centered around ‘resistance’ against a democratically elected president, the Berkeley College Republicans are getting the seating at our upcoming event with Ben Shapiro cut in half due to ‘security concerns.’  Instead of encouraging discussion and open dialogue, the University is fanning the flames of division by encouraging liberal students to ‘resist’ conservative thought.”

“While the Berkeley College Republicans support the right of the University to put on this event, we wish that students will engage in a debate of ideas rather than succumb to the echo chamber that is UC Berkeley,” Ronnau concluded.

The College Republicans wish they had the same university support and financial backing as left-wing student groups do.

“I applaud the university on their capability to aid financially and logistically events and speakers that espouse the same viewpoints the university relentlessly forwards. Their bias is blatant and laughable all over the campus, and shows the degradation of a once great institution of higher education,” Bradley Devlin, Secretary of the UC Berkeley College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics.

The official flier claims that the event, scheduled for October 4th, “will honor the spirit of moral courage which [Savio] and other activists of his generation exemplified.” Other resistance events on campus, many of which included hundreds of violent Antifa rioters, have not exemplified the same type of “moral courage” as Savio.

Resistance events are largely organized around stopping the Republican agenda by any means necessary, including outright censorship and even violence. Left-wing rioters have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to the campus this year alone, and have worked to stop conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopolous from having their voices heard on campus.

Naweed Tahmas, External Vice President of the UC Berkeley College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics, “It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the university is squandering the hard-earned tax dollars of Californians on a left-wing, partisan event. I am confident this event was not imposed with the same unlawful restrictions that is routinely levied against conservative speakers. I am interested to see if the university plans to also host a conservative speaker on how to promote, not resist, the President’s agenda.”

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