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Hispanic student arrested for drawing swastikas, making bomb threats

(Photo via Washington State University)

On Monday night, police arrested a Hispanic student for allegedly making several bomb threats and drawing swastikas at Stimson Hall on the Washington State University campus in Pullman, WA.

Jose Andres Tecuatl, who’s an 18-year-old sophomore and resident advisor of the dormitory, was charged with three counts of threatening to bomb and three counts of felony harassment. He’s being held without bail.

According to the school, police searched Tecuatl’s room and computer during their investigation and found evidence that connected him to the bomb threats. Stimson Hall had been evacuated three times, twice late at night, because of the bomb threats.

The Nazi symbols were etched into walls in stairwells and common areas of Stimson Hall with what appeared to be with a sharp knife as they were hardly visible, according to WSU assistant police chief Steve Hansen.

WSU spokesman Phil Weiler said that Tecuatl “discovered” and called in all three threats, which is “why he became a suspect.” Police say there was no indication that Tecuatl had the ability to carry out those bomb threats.

The bomb threats themselves aren’t political. However, the drawing of swastikas alongside the threats demonstrates Tecuatl’s attempt to frame Donald Trump supporters because of the neo-Nazis and white nationalists who marched several weeks ago in Charlottesville, VA in his name.

Since Trump has been elected, there has been a rise in fake hate crimes, where crimes committed against racial, ethnic, and religious minorities turned out to be hoaxes. Indeed, there were real hate crimes that have happened where both minorities (i.e. Charlottesville) and Trump supporters (i.e. Berkeley) were targeted, but the hoaxes are sucking the oxygen out of the room.

Just in the last week, BuzzFeed reported that a man who was allegedly stabbed for having a “neo-Nazi haircut” was lying and actually stabbed himself. In May, an employee of an Indiana church drew swastikas and the words “Heil Trump” in order to frame Trump supporters.

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