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Professor who wished for Trump’s death: Taylor Swift is a white supremacist

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A professor, who once said he wished that someone would “shoot” President Donald Trump, is now on a mission to prove that pop singer Taylor Swift is a racist and that everything she’s doing is a rip-off of Beyoncé.

Kevin Allred, the same gender, sexuality, and women’s studies professor who was fired by Montclair State University for posting to his personal Twitter that he wanted Trump dead, accused Swift of cultural appropriation and having no authenticity because she’s essentially a white supremacist.

“She’s weaponizing her white womanhood, as she’s been doing since 2009, and attempting to co-opt and subvert the strategy of a black woman (Beyoncé) for her own gain. Don’t fall for it,” Allred wrote. “Taylor Swift has attempted to keep us all trapped in 2009 for long enough. If she’s unlocking and opening doors, it’s time we run.”

In a Twitter rant, Allred explained that Swift built her entire career off of racism and white supremacy.

Allred then pivots to the critics who feel Beyoncé isn’t original either.

Swift has been at the center of controversy over the past week since releasing her new single “Look What You Made Me Do.” While some of her fans were vibing to her new tune, others were obsessed over the idea that Swift voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Allred has been fiercely defensive of all the criticism he’s been receiving and shared a Vice article from 2016 about how Swift became a Nazi.

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