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Back to school… and to kangaroo Title IX courts

Let’s make sure that due process and impartiality become the new standard to serve and protect students everywhere. (iStock by Getty Images)

This month, thousands of college students are heading back to school excitedly looking forward to their Fall semester. For many, this will be a time to meet new people, establish lifelong friendships, and embrace college life to its fullest.

But we wonder how many will be ensnared and destroyed by biased Title IX sexual misconduct hearings occurring on campuses across the country.

Higher education faces many challenges today, and the issue of how to handle sexual misconduct on college campuses is in the forefront. No one denies that sexual assault on college campuses is a serious matter. Yet the prescribed solution by the Department of Education in denying fairness and impartiality eviscerates due process for students facing a Title IX related hearing.

Last month, our organization brought a contingent of college students to meet with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during a listening session for students falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Students recounted how they were presumed guilty by their university, often not notified of the allegations brought against them and in some cases not provided the identity of their accusers. They also related how they were pressured by the university to admit wrongdoing even in the face of evidence that pointed to their innocence.

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