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Boston Free Speech Rally speaker: The Establishment ‘wants a race war’

(Photo via Twitter)

Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai had some strong words for establishment politicians when discussing the Boston free speech rally this past weekend.

“They want a race war,” Ayyadurai told Red Alert Politics in an interview, recounting his experience in Boston where tens of thousands of counter-protesters swarmed their 100-person rally thinking they were fighting white supremacists. “They wanted us to be lynched in there. And they basically put us and the police as cannon fodder for their political objectives.”

If you watched a single minute of his speech, you’d find that he was surrounded by signs saying “Black Lives Do Matter” and “Stop Monsanto.” However, it was completely lost on the media, and now Ayyadurai is sounding off on Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R) and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) for not allowing press into the rally.

“It was hard even for me to get in because they searched you,” Ayyadurai said, explaining that they received a permit for 100 people to show up to the rally and were given “clear directives” that anyone with a swastika or a KKK hood would be ejected. “What was most telling was the police had been ordered–and, by the way, I do not blame the police, they did a phenomenal job, it was cleared by the Baker administration and Walsh mayor’s office–not to let in press and no cameras. So, that was basically a violation of freedom of press.”

Ayyadurai went on to say that they were like “birds locked in a cage” given how much space there was between their rally and the tens of thousands of counter-protesters.

According to Ayyadurai, five to six speakers were not allowed into the rally, and they were forced to proceed without them. He went on to say that because they’ve been branded as white supremacists, their right to speak and express themselves is becoming hindered by politicians who don’t want a repeat of Charlottesville.

“Who [are] the people branding people ‘white supremacists?’ Why was I asked to not be among people who I thought were reasonable friends of mine,” Ayyadurai said. “Has anyone ever asked why people are on a stage with Hillary Clinton? [She’s] clearly, as a person of color, a white supremacist. She’s the one who called black children ‘super predators.’ She’s the one who was educated by [former KKK leader] Robert Byrd.”

He went on to say that had more people been allowed to come in, the gap between left and right would have been bridged and they’d find common ground, especially with members from Black Lives Matter.

Listen to the full conversation below: