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Twitter censorship: Anti-illegal immigration ads blocked for “hate speech”

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Following his rally in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday night, President Trump re-emphasized the need to build a southern border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration. The biggest applause lines were his messages about illegal immigration.

However, Trump’s messaging on illegal immigration is hitting a roadblock, particularly on his favorite social media tool, Twitter. This past week, it was reported that Twitter is blocking a conservative organization’s request to promote tweets highlighting the harmful impact of illegal immigration on the United States, citing hate speech.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) submitted three tweets to promote as ads on Twitter, and all three were rejected.

Twitter has a stringent ad policy that bans “hate speech or advocacy against a protected group or an individual or organization based on… race, ethnicity, […] status as a refugee, [and] status as an immigrant.”

CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian wrote a blog post in response to the Twitter (and PayPal) censorship, stating, “The internet is now a utility more important than phones or cable TV. If people can be denied access to it based on the content of their ideas and speech (rather than specific, illegal acts), why not make phone service contingent on your political views? Or mail delivery?”

During his speech in Phoenix, Trump said, “My administration will never back down in demanding immigration control. The American people voted for immigration control. That’s one of the reasons I’m here, and that is what the American people deserve, and they’re going to get it.”

If Trump wants to ensure that illegal immigration is curbed, he’ll have to continue to be the chief messenger as Twitter and Facebook won’t let up against this alleged “hate” speech.

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