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Sen. Kamala Harris’ unofficial 2020 presidential campaign has already begun

(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Despite being only seven months into the Trump administration, Democrats are already looking for their candidate to go up against Trump in 2020 and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is a top contender for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination, according to former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Villaraigosa told MSNBC, “she’s going to be knocking on doors in Iowa, I expect.” Host Hugh Hewitt agreed, calling Harris a “new superstar” and a “pretty unique political talent.”

In fact, when two McClatchy DC writers interviewed a dozen Democrats, they found that “almost all…spoke of Harris as if she were running for president in 2020.”

Harris seems to be laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign. She’s been having closed-door meetings with former Clinton staffers, Democrat National Comittee staffers, and donors over the summer. George Soros has had her on his radar for years; he donated the maximum legal amount to her 2015 Senate campaign.

Soros might also be responsible for Harris’ biggest weakness as a candidate. When Harris served as California’s Attorney General, state prosecutors found that OneWest Bank may have violated foreclosure law 1,000 times. Harris declined to prosecute anyone at OneWest Bank, despite compelling evidence. OneWest was partially owned by George Soros at the time. Soros donated to Harris’ “California Criminal Policy Initiative” while she was supposed to be deciding whether or not to prosecute.

Harris never brought charges against OneWest Bank. Soros and his business partner sold the company the next year, to the tune of $3.4 billion. The year after that, Harris ran for Senate with Soros’ financial backing. OneWest’s CEO at the time was none other than Steve Mnuchin, the current Secretary of the Treasury. After Harris declined to prosecute, he also donated to her campaign.

In addition to this foreclosure scandal, Harris must overcome the fact that she’s a newcomer to the Senate. Unlike Senators Warren and Sanders, Harris has not yet served a full year in the Senate – let alone a full term. Democrats are still setting their sights on her as a frontrunner for their nomination. Keep in mind, President Obama served only two years in the Senate before his presidential campaign, and President Trump’s experience famously comes from the realm of business rather than government.

Other supporters believe that Harris could rally support from groups that never embraced Hillary Clinton. In The Hill, writer Douglas E. Schoen says that “moderate and value-based voter groups” rallied behind Obama, passed on Hillary, and would likely come out again in force for Harris.

As seen in the primary competition between Clinton and Sanders, the Democratic National Committee is willing to sway the primaries in order to choose the nominee its leaders want. If they’ve picked Harris this early on, and donors agree, the unofficial presidential campaign of Kamala Harris has already begun.

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