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Pro-Trump singer Kaya Jones releases touching tribute video to America’s military

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Grab your Kleenex; Kaya Jones just released the official music video for her latest song “What the Heart Don’t Know” and it’s absolutely touching.

The video depicts the hardships that military families go through on a regular basis — the good byes, missing loved ones, and in some cases, the loss of life. It is a beautiful tribute to those who serve this great nation.

You may know Kaya as a former member of the Pussycat Dolls, but lately, Ms. Jones has become much more personal, taking pro-country, pro-military, and pro-law enforcement stances in her music and in her comments to the world.

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Red Alert Politics was granted an exclusive interview with Jones where she shared her inspiration for the music video. Simply put, she just wants to remind people how amazing military families are.

“I felt with the lyrics being about being on the outside looking in is very much the way military families feel. I too have military family and friends, as well as going to Iraq and performing for our military. It’s a club and even though we might be close to them we are on the outside looking in,” she said.

“Our servicemen and servicewomen have to be a lot of head and less heart to stay safe and alive in scary conditions. The families, wives, girlfriends, friends all have to hold the heart side for the home and or to remind them hey it’s ok to love,” she continued.

Jones hopes her video will inspire more people to stop and say hello or thank you to service members.

“The country needs unity right now and grace…just show respect and be grateful. It was a small thing for me to do and I just hope it connects to people and they see it was all for love of country,” she concluded.

In addition to having friends in the military and performing for military members, Jones’ grandfather served. She wrote in a Facebook post, “My family is military and proud to know grandpa is in Arlington National Cemetery with all the amazing heroes of our nation. God bless all military families.”

The patriotic music video was directed by Ryan R. Williams and produced by Chrystal Neria.