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NYC millennials praise Venezuela’s income equality, think America should copy them [VIDEO]

Venezuela has been running out of the most basic necessities, from toilet paper to milk. (FERNANDO LLANO/AP)

Going into the 2016 election, polls show a majority of millennials (aged 18-29-year-old) rejected capitalism 51-to-42 percent, and only one-third supported socialism as an alternative governing system in the United States. However, millennial attitudes towards socialism have only become more favorable as a means of addressing the issue of income inequality.

In a new video from filmmaker Ami Horowitz, you’d begin to believe that all liberal millennials in the United States would rather wait in the food lines in Caracas, Venezuela than have to deal with another day living in an America where income inequality still exists.

Horowitz asked several millennials “how important is income equality for you?”

Basically, everyone said it was “important” to “very important.” One millennial man said, “Income inequality is definitely one of those issues from which everything else sort of stems off of. … Other issues will perpetuate it — when you want to talk about climate change, and that sort of thing …”

Horowitz then introduces the concept of living in Venezuela, saying that despite the fact that it has its economic challenges (it’s in a freefall collapse), there’s no income inequality. He even cited Bernie Sanders’ quote about how incomes are more equal today in Venezuela.

“Even though there’s some downside, there’s some violence there and some food lines,” Horowitz says, “but still everyone has to do the same thing — they wait in line equally.”

He then got every single millennial to agree with him on that premise that “it’s a fair system.”

One man said, “I think they do a very good job.”

One Hispanic woman believed Venezuela’s system is even better than what we have going on here. “I feel like that would be a better plan.”

Horowitz asked, “…Than what he have here in America?”

She replied, “Yeah.”

Watch the whole video below: