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Confederate soldier statue vandalized overnight in D.C. suburbs

(via Twitter/screenshot)

Law enforcement is investigating vandalism of a Confederate statue just an hour outside of Washington, DC.

Early on Thursday morning, the 20-foot statue of a Confederate soldier in uniform bearing a rifle was spray painted with ‘obscene language,’ according to police. The damage was reported Thursday morning, and the statue has since been restored sustaining no permanent damages.

Since 1908, the statue has stood in Loudon County, Virginia just outside of the county’s court house, which was once used as a place to buy and sell slaves. This assault is part of a series of vandalism on Confederate statues across the country following the deadly protest in Charlottesville, Virginia over the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue.

President Trump denounced the destruction of the nation’s monuments Thursday morning with a series of tweets. The president said that by removing these monuments, the history and culture of the United States are being ripped apart.

The Confederate soldier statue remains in place, but a number of county officials have called for its removal. On Wednesday, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe proposed, instead of removing the Confederate statues, relocating them to local museums. The governor said for as long as they continue to stand in public spaces they will be a “barrier to progress, inclusion, and equality in Virginia.”

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