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Loyal Trump aide (and millennial) Hope Hicks: Youngest White House Communications Director ever

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At just 28 years old, Hope Hicks has accomplished more than most career politicos, and she’s only been involved in politics for two years. On Wednesday, Hicks received a promotion from the President from Senior Communications Advisor to interim Communications Director — making her the youngest White House Communications Director in the nation’s history.

And while the White House is keeping her title temporary, the argument has been made that she would be a great long-term fit for the position.

With just a little more than two years under her belt, Hicks and Trump entered the White House with the same amount of political experience. As President Trumps longest serving aide, Hicks has remained loyal to the president and his agenda. Trump is known for being off the cuff and hiring cabinet members that are often outspoken, but Hick’s style is much different. Hicks has intentionally dodged the spotlight. Soft-spoken and patient with the president, she has purposefully remained behind the scenes and away from the media. Though often not seen, the President has done nothing but sing her praises for her hard work and commitment to the White House.

In a White House with rapid turnover, Hicks has remained a constant force. This new role has people skeptical, since the president who coined the term, ‘you’re fired,’ has dismissed multiple Comms Directors prior to Hicks promotion. Most recently, he fired Anthony Scaramucci after just 10 days for being ‘divisive.’ But others say that her calm demeanor and relationship with Trump has already proven to work well and that she may be the perfect fit.

Before joining the political sphere, Hicks was working at a New York public relations firm; there she was offered to work on Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Despite the criticism millennials receive for being ‘unmotivated’ compared to other generations, Ivanka Trump saw something admirable in the young consultant. Valuing her work ethic, Ivanka referred Hicks to her father when he decided to run for president.

Then-candidate Trump offered Hicks, who was 26 at the time, to join his campaign as a press secretary. Hicks, who had no prior campaign experience, accepted the billionaire’s offer, since joining she has gained the respect from her senior peers. Known as a hustler for the president, she has been referred to as one of Trump’s closest allies.

Despite her age, she now tacks on a tremendous responsibility for the White House.

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