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Black journalists convention insults Omarosa for working for Trump [VIDEO]

(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Omarosa Manigault-Newman, a long time supporter of President Trump, and current aide to the President was invited to speak at the National Association of Black Journalist convention Friday where the moderator of the debate attacked her and her relationship with the president.

Omarosa, the Office of Public Liaison communication’s director, and the only Trump aide to join the NABJ convention in New Orleans received anything but a warm welcome. Omarosa was invited to participate in a panel addressing police brutality. On her arrival, some journalists in the crowd turned their back on her before she was able to begin. She told the crowd the stories of how her brother and father were both murdered.

Within seconds, moderator Ed Gordon shifted the conversation to criticize the president in an exchange that lasted almost three minutes. Gordon, host of the BET show “Weekly,” went off script and immediately questioned Omarosa’s support for the president, asking her how she could ‘sit in a White House’ while the president supports police brutality?

At one point Gordon left his podium and walked where Omarosa was sitting and started to stand over her while he continued to question her and the president’s actions.  In response, Omarosa stood up saying she felt like he was trying to ‘walk all over her’ and was acting aggressively towards her. She reminded him that the NABJ invited her and that she came to speak on the issues, not the president, while also pledging to leave if he continued the attacks. Gordon fired back saying, “I did my best to try to make this as civil as possible.”

When she admitted that she doesn’t agree with all of the president’s decisions, but that she was here to talk about her story, he told her, “ No I am not going to let you railroad this.” Omarosa made multiple threats to leave the panel due to Gordon’s aggressive tactics. The NABJ quickly ended the debate and played a video of President Trump’s speech on July 28th, where the President told law enforcement ‘please don’t be too nice.’ The president faced criticism after telling law enforcement when arresting someone who has committed murder it’s ok to hit the person’s head on the car door when putting them in the cop car.