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“I hate them all”: Billy Eichner, Sarah Silverman would kick Donald Trump off the world

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It’s no secret that Hollywood celebrities have next to no love for Donald Trump and his supporters, but some are more brazen with their sentiments than others.

According to People Magazine, several Emmy-nominated comedians agree that the one person they would expel from planet Earth is our sitting President of the United States Donald Trump.

“I would kick Donald Trump and everyone associated with him off the world, off the planet, out of the galaxy, and as far away as possible,” Billy Eichner, from the comedy game show Billy on the Street, said. “And I know a lot of people agree with me, except for like 17 lunatics who need to learn how to read a history book. Anyway, I hate them all.”

Eichner was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding variety sketch series.

Meanwhile, comedians like Sarah Silverman would remove “gum snappers and Donald Trump.” SNL player Leslie Jones, who’s up for an Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series, said she’d definitely boot Trump off the planet, but then posed the question, “Do we really want him in space?”

Late night host James Corden said he wouldn’t kick anyone off the planet, but that he’d treat them as if he was a stern parent.

“If I ruled the world, I would kick no one off of it,” Corden explained. “But I would maybe send them into a room to think about what they’d done.”

When asked what they would do to take care of their constituents, people like Samantha Bee would try to take care of everyone’s basic needs.

“I would try to make sure everyone had a place to live on islands that aren’t sinking into the ocean and such,” Bee said. “I would make sure everybody had food and I would take care of people’s very basic needs.”

Meanwhile, Silverman would just give everyone healthcare and food. “I would make sure everyone had food and healthcare, which we can afford.”

If they thought electing a celebrity like Donald Trump was a bad idea, just wait until these comedians get a hold of power.

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