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California college hosts “Welcome Day” for illegal immigrant students

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Despite plans by the Justice Department to crack down on sanctuary cities and campuses that harbor illegal immigrants, administrators at one college near Los Angeles openly defied federal laws last week by hosting a campus orientation designed specifically for students living in the country illegally.

On August 5th, students and administrators at Cerritos College hosted a half-day welcome orientation on campus for undocumented students who had enrolled for the Fall semester.

Among the events featured were presentations by campus officials regarding ways undocumented students could receive financial aid, as well as presentations by immigration attorneys about what illegal students should do if they are stopped by law enforcement.

According to the campus newspaper Talon Marks, a number of parents attended the presentations as well, where they were able to ask various legal questions concerning themselves, their children, or even friends who were living in the country illegally.

The event was organized by the “Dreamer’s Club,” a student organization whose purpose is “To empower dream students through education, bringing awareness, and guiding the campus in order to achieve equality in higher education.”

University officials also assisted students in organizing the event, and the President of the college even tweeted out his support.

The President of the Dreamers Club, Karen Patron, said that the club now plans on hosting the event annually, as more and more students at the college have begun to take advantage of the resources offered by the club. According to the school newspaper, the club has also planned numerous other events for the Fall semester that will help undocumented students further utilize on-campus resources.

Ironically enough, the event was held less than a week after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to withhold millions of dollars in federal law enforcement funding to sanctuary cities who refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials on reducing policies that encourage illegal immigration.

Cerritos College is located just outside Los Angeles, California, where current Mayor Eric Garcetti-D has vowed to fight any efforts by the Trump Administration to strip federal funding from Los Angeles for being a sanctuary city.

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