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College offers free airport shuttle (but only for illegal immigrants)

(LAX Facebook)

Undergraduates at Pomona College have it taken upon themselves to provide a complimentary airport shuttle, but just for students who fall under the status of illegal alien.

The Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC), Pomona’s student government association, announced the shuttle on Facebook. They made sure to specify that priority for the Airport Rideshare System would be given to students who fell under the following conditions:  “low-income, first-generation, DACA/undocumented, mixed (immigration) status family, and/or ‘non-traditional’ family structure backgrounds,” according to the post.

In order to bypass any accusations of exclusivity, the ASPC implore all other students to “Please respect this and your future classmates’ needs and experiences. Future airport ride shares will be open to all students.”

The classifications listed usurp the hardships of students who are naturally-born citizens.

One Pomona undergrad, Matthew Ludlam, was left bewildered by the “non traditional” classification the ASPC listed.

The sophomore told the Claremont Independent that a need-based system is the fairest path.

“[T]he only problem I have is with the third group [non-traditional families] … they [ASPC] just need better parameters,” Ludlam told the journal.

Ludlam makes a good point. There is no reason to assume that someone with two dads or two moms, which should certainly qualify as a non-traditional family, does not have access to transportation.

The ride share program is operated to provide individuals transportation from LAX airport (Los Angeles International) and Ontario Airport in Ontario, California. The ASPC stated on the bottom of the program’s registration form that “Any information you disclose to ASPC via this form will be handled confidentially and only disclosed with your permission.”

More than likely the group is specifically referring to the illegal immigration status of particular students. With 11 million illegal immigrants already present in the United States, liberal arts colleges offering free transportation to their institutions does nothing to reduce this number.

This is not the first time a university has essentially rewarded unlawful behavior. There are scholarships and legal funds specifically for illegal aliens seeking to go to public colleges and universities on the taxpayer’s dime.

If the so-called progressive students at the liberal arts college actually carried concern for immigrants in this country they would stress the importance of entrance here legally. Instead they’ve decided to enact it whatever they see as emotionally fit for their instinctive, moral vision of society.

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