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Fake ‘millennial’ Maxine Waters to be challenged by young Latino conservative in 2018

Omar Navarro (right) is trying to give Rep. Maxine Waters a run for her money in 2018. (Photo via Twitter)

In the last nine months since Donald Trump was elected president, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has made it her mission to impeach the president and what she calls his “Kremlin Klan.” Her outspokenness has raised her to new ranks in the Democratic party to where she’s being called “Auntie Maxine” and “Queen Maxine” by millennials after she famously said “I was once a millennial.”

For Omar Navarro, a 28-year-old Latino from Inglewood, CA, Congresswoman Waters represents everything that’s wrong with Washington. In an interview with Red Alert Politics, Navarro said that in addition to outraising Waters in individual contributions, he’s also learned more from his first time running against her in 2016.

“Every time [Waters] says something, obviously she helps me. She’s not helping herself,” Navarro said before focusing on what he’s done to help his chances. “At the end of the day, though, I’m doing a lot of things differently than I did before in regards to grassroots campaigns.”

Navarro said that he’s got more than 2,000 volunteers on his campaign, 200 of them are local. He also noted that individuals from 45 states have donated to his campaign. And while Waters claims to have a lot of millennial support, Navarro says do not be deceived.

“I saw a recent town hall she had, and there was not one millennial there,” Navarro claimed. “But when you to my events, you’ll see 80 percent [are] millennial.”

On his to-do list, if elected, Navarro hopes to clean up the crime in his district and help uplift his constituents out of poverty. More than 20 percent of the population in the 43rd district live below the poverty line, and it’s been steadily rising by more than 5 percent between 2010 and 2014. However, one of the items on his agenda is to work with President Trump on moving forward with his agenda and believes the GOP-controlled Congress has been holding him back.

“For me, it’s sad to see that they’re not working together considering they hold the majority. They’re being like kids!” Navarro exclaimed. “We have everything we want right now, but yet they’re fighting each other on the inside.”

He continued. “It’s our duty as Americans to make sure we elect people who will work with the president, and that’s why I’m running for Congress because I plan on working with the president. I plan on fighting for the interests of my district.”

This past week, Navarro got the endorsement of longtime GOP operative and Trump supporter Roger Stone, who was hired as a political advisor to Navarro’s campaign.

Listen to the full conversation below: