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Samantha Bee goes to Iraq, is baffled when Kurds say they “love Trump” [VIDEO]

(TBS Full Frontal screengrab)

Samantha Bee, who’s made a name for herself as an anti-Trump comic of the Jon Stewart variety through her TBS show Full Frontal, traveled to northern Iraq and met with dozens of Kurdish citizens to find, to her astonishment, that they love President Trump.

The Kurds are the largest ethnic group without their own state. Roughly 30-35 million Kurds are spread out between Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. And while most Kurds identify as Sunni or Shia Muslim, Donald Trump represents a sense of hope that the Kurdish people have in gaining an independent, sovereign state.

“We love Trump because his decisions are not one-dimensional,” a younger Kurdish man said through a translator.

Another man donning the flag of Kurdistan told Bee, “The Kurds obviously love and respect him even more than Obama.”

This seemingly triggered Bee, where she questioned, “Huh? What is going on here? Do the Kurds really like President Muslim-Ban more than they like President Muslim?”

Even one Kurdish couple named their toddler son with blonde hair and blue eyes, “Trump.”

The mainstream media has been having a field day over the last two years, producing negative stories about Donald Trump on the campaign trail and during his time in office. Yet, Bee, knowing that her story upon leaving Iraq shed Trump in a positive light, ran the story, saying through voiceover, “Are we in the middle of making Samantha Bee’s first and probably last ever Trump-positive field piece?”

An older man explained that Trump’s support of the Kurds via their military was a telltale sign, saying, “He has given arms and tanks to the Kurds in Syria. He is supporting us because we are strong.”

In May, the Department of Defense announced that they would be providing arms and military support to the Kurdish militia group, Y.P.G., to fight the Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria.

Bee even admitted that no president before Trump armed the Kurds directly, even when Saddam Hussein was murdering them with chemical weapons. But despite her skepticism that Trump is using the Kurds as pawns, the Kurdish people are sure that Trump gets them.

“Turkey, no good. Iran, no good. They don’t want Kurdistan to become a country,” the older man explained, noting that he thinks Donald Trump is the best chance they have.

“The whole world needs a Trump,” the younger Kurdish man mentioned earlier in the article said, adding that Trump is a competent leader, not only for the United States. “We, as Kurdistan, deserve to be free and independent. We just need the support of Donald Trump.”

A man sitting beside him said, “Trump is crazy, but he gets the job done with that craziness.”

At that point, it seemed like Bee understood, “If the one good thing that comes out of the Trump presidency is that he makes the Kurds feel hopeful about their state, well, that’s one more good thing than I anticipated.”

Watch the entire segment below: