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Letter: Human Rights Commission refuses to investigate anti-white discrimination at Evergreen State

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The Washington State Human Rights Commission has declined to investigate Evergreen State College for discrimination, after hundreds of left-wing students and faculty tried to force Professor Bret Weinstein off campus during a “Day of Absence” for white faculty and students.

A letter, obtained by Red Alert Politics, was sent to legislators and Governor Jay Inslee this week by the Washington State Human Rights Commission. Executive Director Sharon Ortiz claimed that the commission was unable to investigate the incident because “the commission’s budget has been cut 46% by the Legislature…and does not have the resources to initiate an investigation of this nature.”

(Via Peter Van Voorhis/Red Alert Politics)

The commission’s letter also asserted that because no Evergreen students or faculty personally appealed to them, they had no obligation to investigate the incident. Instead, Ortiz offered to facilitate “trainings” on “inclusivity” to create “a better understanding of our state law protections against discrimination.”

Weinstein, a white liberal professor, was verbally assaulted by hundreds of his liberal students for refusing to leave campus on a day without white people. Weinstein eventually left campus after campus police told him that they could not guarantee his safety.

Shortly after the incident, the Evergreen State College Board of Trustees released a statement calling the students’ behavior “unacceptable” and “completely contrary to Evergreen’s values.” Near the same time, at least 50 faculty and staff members signed a letter applauding the students’ behavior, claiming that Weinstein “has endangered faculty, staff, and students,” for speaking with conservative media outlets.

Matt Manweller, a Washington State Representative who led the fight to defund Evergreen State College, told Red Alert Politics, “this is how a bureaucracy dominated by ideological zealots works. They persecute conservatives for every minor violation of the law but then look the other way when liberals engage in equal or worst behavior.”

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