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Feminism failure: Why don’t feminists speak out against female genital mutilation?

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The modern feminist movement continually reminds us that women are more than their reproductive organs.

“They ain’t for grabbing,” yelled Ashley Judd at the Women’s March back in January.

They aren’t for mutilating either — a topic that the modern feminist movement has failed to address.

There is much discussion suggesting female empowerment is somehow limited to American women fighting for American causes; at least that is the rhetoric from liberal feminists. But women worldwide are seeking to make a difference and are at the forefront of issues affecting women and girls far outside of the borders of the United States.

Recently, five young Kenyan teenagers were reported to have created an app that would raise awareness and take active steps towards ending female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya. The app, iCut, focuses on combating the practice through the development of a panic button that can be used by young women to alert appropriate personnel to their situation. It can also be used to give access to women seeking legal and medical assistance. The creators of the app ‘The Restorers’ — Purity Achieng, Mascrine Atieno, Ivy Akinyi, Stacy Owino, and Cynthia Otieno — will be the only Africans competing in the 2017 Technovation Challenge.

These are women seeking to make an impact on how FGM is addressed in their country, despite it already being illegal. However, this groundbreaking concept and innovative initiative being spearheaded by female tech entrepreneurs has not been touted by the Left as anything special.

Women like Linda Sarsour are praised by liberal feminists for their progressive and unapologetic criticism of women’s healthcare here in the United States. But then why does a story of five Kenyan teenagers fall by the wayside as they seek a solution to an issue that affects 200 million women and girls worldwide? This is just one example of the hypocrisy that exists among American women pursuing the modern feminist agenda.

In April, news broke that a physician in Michigan performed female genital mutilation procedures on two young girls, per their parents’ request. Yet, liberal feminists did not recognize this as a prominent issue and instead stuck to their normal rhetoric.

FGM, a procedure that has affected hundreds of millions of women and girls worldwide, has been left unaddressed by the women claiming to champion women’s rights. Even more disturbing are the trivial causes these women exhaust themselves with while women all over the world face severely tumultuous circumstances in everyday life.

FGM has been a global problem for centuries, and very little has been done by American feminists to raise awareness, condemn the practice, or combat the stigma surrounding women and men who oppose the practice. When young women do make a statement in not only recognizing this as a worldwide problem, but offering an innovative solution, feminists remain silent.

In the most basic sense of the definition, feminism means equality between both sexes. What it does not specify — in any definition — is a country, nation, or population that this is restricted to. But today’s American feminists have hijacked the principles surrounding feminism and created an elitist, liberal movement that does not extend equality to women all over the world.

Women here in the United States can fight for a multitude of issues that many women all over the world wish they would even have the opportunity to consider. If the Women’s March et al. was an inclusive movement truly interested in improving the wellbeing of women everywhere, we would have heard an outcry from the same women who march against President Trump. This elitist movement that complains about healthcare here in the United States has had nothing to say on the mutilation that has plagued women and girls all over the world.

It is disappointing as a conservative woman concerned with the prominence of FGM in 21st century society to see women, supposedly standing for other women, completely ignoring an issue that has a haunting global presence.

‘The Restorers’ should be applauded for their innovative thinking. While the left will remain silent, I believe the true feminists in America will be cheering for them as they compete in the 2017 Technovation Challenge.

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