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Those who believe in climate change won’t change their lifestyles to help climate: Poll

(Joe Brusky/Flickr)

A YouGov poll released Monday found that although most climate change believers think the Earth has less than 300 habitable years for humans left, most haven’t changed their diet or use of fossil fuels.

The poll found that “13% of climate change believers said they’ve greatly reduced their consumption of red meat, and 17% said they’ve reduced a little,” but “66% haven’t changed their habits at all.” Six percent actually increased their consumption.

Only nine percent of climate change believers significantly decreased their usage of fossil fuels, while 54 percent did not adjust consumption. 15 percent increased their usage.

Recycling and waste management brought the largest lifestyle changes since learning about climate change. 29 percent significantly altered their waste management habits “while 44% have not changed their habits at all.”

Fossil fuel use, transportation, and agriculture are the three biggest contributors to global carbon emissions, according to the Worldwatch Institute.

YouGov found that 63 percent of Americans believe countries across the world should collaborate to improve the environment.

Environmental analyst Robert Rapier explained why so many expect others to change, while not adjusting their own lifestyle. “Alternatives usually require sacrifice of one form or another,” Rapier told PageSix. “Everybody says, ‘I’ve got a good reason for consuming what I consume’ . . . It’s the exact same rationalization for billions of people.”

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