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Rep. Sean Duffy: Millennials are ‘indoctrinated with socialist, collectivist thought’

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Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisc.), who was part of the generation where reality television began on MTV’s The Real World (and yes, he starred in The Real World: Boston), believes that when it comes to pitching conservative policies to America’s 75+ million millennials, you have to stop them from being indoctrinated by “socialist, collectivist” teachers.

In a joint interview with Red Alert Politics and the Washington Examiner (our brother publication), Duffy said that one of the problems in getting millennials on board with the Republican platform of embracing smaller government and free enterprise starts with misguided education.

“We send [our kids] off to four-year institutions and they’re indoctrinated with this socialist, collectivist thought, and they don’t know their history,” Duffy explained. “They don’t know their economics, and so it’s easy to misrepresent what economics offer what opportunity. And I think if they didn’t learn it in their four-year degree, it’s our job to go out to make the argument […] and if we don’t, we lose them forever.”

He continued. “If we’re successful, there’s nothing like great opportunity in a roaring economy that make people love a party.”

Hours before the Senate healthcare vote on a “skinny repeal” was rejected, Duffy said that Republicans have to make a pitch to millennials based on compassion but more freedom, especially with respect to repealing and replacing Obamacare.

“This is my understanding of millennials,” Duffy said. “They’re less Republican and Democrat, but they’re more libertarian. They want government out of their life. They want more freedom. And I think we have to be able to package this in a way that’s compassionate because they care about taking care of people who have fallen down and need a hand up. But also, also talking about offering them the maximum amount of freedom in their health care choices.”

He mentioned that millennials are subsidizing the cost of premiums for older, sicker individuals, but under the GOP plan, they could’ve actually saved money on their insurance. Right now, millennials are paying into Medicare and Social Security “in a system that they’ll probably not be able to collect out of.”

“They’re a piggy bank for the next generation, on top of the fact that they’ve been left with a $20 trillion dollar debt. So, what advantage are we giving the next generation when you give them $20 trillion in debt, they’re paying Social Security, Medicare, and higher health care premiums, and they’re offered jobs that are less lucrative than their parents? How do you roll that back?” Duffy asked rhetorically. “You implement policies that their parents had, which was limited government and free enterprise. That’s how you bring it back.”

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