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How one man is exposing the #Resistance with a microphone and a wooden spoon

(image from Fleccas Talks)

If you haven’t seen any of the Fleccas Talks viral videos, then stop what you’re doing and pull up YouTube right now. Technically NSFW — only because you never know what a #Resistance protester might say — these videos will have you laughing and crying at the same time.

Meet Austen ‘Fleccas’ Fletcher, a self-described ‘libertarian’ with a funky fashion style, who until recently, didn’t care much for politics.

“I went to Dartmouth which was very liberal and for years I considered myself to be a liberal without actually knowing what that meant. I didn’t consume political media. I’d catch a few headlines here and there and formed, what I thought were political views from the Daily Show and celebrity tweets. I thought Obama was a great president based on the fact that he spoke well and seemed to care about the people,” Austen told Red Alert Politics.

In other words, Austen was a typical, apathetic college student (and also a 2 time All Ivy center in football)… then he woke up.

Austen wasn’t a fan of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and became overwhelmingly frustrated by slanted media coverage.

“I knew how bad Hillary Clinton was and the fact that the media wasn’t portraying her accurately made me realize I had been fed this liberal narrative.”

Austen created “Fleccas Talks” which gained its name from “a drunk college nickname,” in order to wake millennials up from their political stupor. He filmed his first video at LAX in late January, when protesters were demonstrating against the ‘Muslim Ban.’ One interviewee told him she’s supportive of Muslims because she has talked to terrorists. He quickly – and comically – asks her why she didn’t report it to the authorities.

Since then, his audience has grown at a rapid pace. Boasting more than 69k followers on Instagram and just shy of 42k subscribed on YouTube, he’s clearly a part of the new media. Austen is scheduled for Fox New’s Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday.

“I want people on the right and left to be entertained by these videos but I also want those on the left to ask themselves, ‘what if he asked me these questions?’”

His most memorable moment was when he asked Congresswoman Maxine Waters about how her retirement funds are directly linked to Russia. His craziest moment, was when a Refuse Fascism protester pulled out a huge buck knife during an interview.

Often decked out in a sports jersey, NASA jumpsuit, and shades, Austen takes the streets with a low budget microphone attached to a spoon.

(image from Fleccas Talks)

“The news we get comes from rich people wearing suits in expensive studios who don’t always tell the truth. I thought it would be funny to show people that you don’t need big production money to be considered media. You can watch millionaire reporters from CNN lie to you on a daily basis or you can watch a guy with a mic taped to a spoon, taking it to the streets.”

While most conservative interviewers tend to get in shouting matches where interviewees refuse to open up, Austen and his spoon disarm most.

“The spoon is an aspect of my get up that puts the interviewee at ease. The spoon discredits me allowing them to let their guard down and assume I’m an idiot,” he explained. “In my interviews protesters open up and explain why they actually believe what they believe.”

(image from Fleccas Talks)

In his latest video, protesters scream “Danger! Danger! There are fascists in the White House! It’s up to us to drive them out!”

“What are we protesting about Trump?” Austen asks one demonstrator. The response: “Fascism and the fact that his campaign was modeled based on Hitler’s…”

“They all belong in trash can compressors,” says another.

Despite the craziness Austen encounters on the streets of LA, he is optimistic about the future.

“There is a new wave of young conservatism approaching. It’s growing stronger by the day. The people are waking up and realizing they mislabeled themselves as liberals and conservatism isn’t what they thought it was.”

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