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“Stressful and frustrating”: Poll shows Democrats can’t tolerate talking with Trump voters

(Photo via Twitter/Zeninjor Enwemeka)

Democrats have been continuously ripped since Donald Trump was elected president over their sensitivity to any viewpoint that differs from their own. However, in a new Pew Research Center poll, Democrats actually have a much more difficult time discussing issues with people who have differing views on Trump.

In short, Democrats have a tough time chatting about politics with Trump supporters.

The poll found that 68 percent of Democrats and leaning Democrats say it is “stressful and frustrating” to talk politics with those who have a different opinion of Donald Trump. Only 28 percent of them found those same conversations to be “interesting and informative.”

Alternatively, when you ask the same question to Republicans of those who lean Republican, the poll found that 52 percent get stressed and frustrated while 42 percent find them interesting and informative.

Pew further broke down those numbers among age groups, and, surprisingly, millennials aged 18-29 get less frustrated talking politics with people with different opinions of Donald Trump. Only 54 percent of millennials between 18-29 get stressed and frustrated while 61 percent of those in the 30-49 and 50-64 age demographic get frustrated.

Lastly, among Democrats, 74 percent of whites got more stressed and frustrated when talking politics with Trump supporters as opposed to 61 percent of Hispanics and 56 percent of blacks.

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