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Rep. Brat: How young Americans can “put the fear of God into your congressman” — EXCLUSIVE

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Rep. Dave Brat (R-Virg.) says it is time for young Republicans to get in the game, calling on millennials to “put the fear of God into your congressman.”

“You’re the only group that doesn’t have a lobbyist,” Brat told Red Alert Politics. “Why don’t you start a nonprofit on Capitol Hill, pay yourself a nice salary, have every kid in the country send you 10 bucks, and start a lobby, and lobby on behalf of your generation.”

The Freedom Caucus member discussed their caucus’s call for a full repeal of ObamaCare, student loan debt, and K-12 education spending. In a nearly 20-minute long interview, the former Randolph Macon College professor said he acts as a voice for millennials in Congress.

“I want to make sure the next generation and millennials don’t get ripped off and so maybe I should emphasize that with my colleagues more,” he said. “Look we have a whole generation that’s on our side because they’ve been thrown under the bus by the status quo.”

Brat, who is on the House Budget, Education and Workforce, and Small Business committees, said it’s time for young people to get involved.

“If the young generation is not voting for Republicans I don’t know what you’re thinking. Come on over, we’re the freedom side, the fiscal side, and we’re trying to save your generation from a bunch of federal programs that are upside down and going insolvent in about 20 years,” Brat said.

Listen to the full conversation below: