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Woman brags she’s “raping the government” by gaming the welfare system [VIDEO]

screengrab from Youtube

A new viral video shows a “Brooklyn mother of 3” bragging about how she takes advantage of welfare programs so that she doesn’t have to work. She is “proudly raping the government,” as she puts it. This video is proof that at least some Americans take advantage of the system.

As of 2016, the Department of Agriculture claimed that approximately 44 million Americans relied on food stamps. On May 23, the Trump administration released the White House budget which called for serious cuts to welfare programs over the course of a decade.

These cuts include $21 billion to the country’s only cash welfare program, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, $193 billion worth of cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), and $40 billion in cuts by making changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.

Some on the left are sounding the alarm, saying that these cuts are unacceptable since most people who lose their food stamps still don’t get a job after having their assistance taken away. However, the video posted earlier this month helps reinforce the concept that there needs to be raised scrutiny when deciding who can receive welfare.

Warning: this video contains profanity

Just 17 seconds into the video, the woman flicks off the camera after bragging about her social media following. She then rambles about being called a “food stamp b*tch” before insulting hard-working Americans everywhere.

“You’re working 9 to 5, b*tch… working 9 to 5, you still aint got sh*t…”

After watching the three minute video, it makes sense that the Trump administration wants to pare back the country’s welfare programs. It is clear that welfare is not deserved by the woman in the video.

“I ain’t working at no cash register, no f***ing Target, no f***ing sneaker store. You can kiss my a** before I stoop that low.”

Apparently, she doesn’t mind stooping low enough to mooch off of the welfare system, though.

The woman screams the phrase “rape the government” at least five times, which is five times too many. She is benefiting from our government while claiming, “f*** Trump, f*** the government, I’m gonna rape this sh** sittin on my a***! I’m so gucci!” and “The white man can kiss my *ss!”

She is proud of her lifestyle, that’s for sure.

“Jordans on my feet all day… cigarettes all day, b*tch… go out all day…” she brags while holding a smoke. “Respect the f*cking game.”

Welfare programs are made for the single mother of three kids who is working two jobs and can’t make ends meet, or the hard-working American who came home after serving his country and still can’t find a job. These aid programs were set in place for the hard-working Americans; however, it takes a few “government rapists” to ruin it for everyone.

The cuts that President Trump has requested are absolutely necessary to get people such as this single mother of three to find employment. It’s time that we take away their crutch and force them into the job market. I’m a taxpayer who is tired of seeing my tax dollars go to people like this who aren’t thankful for assistance.

After all, remember the Obama phone?

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