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“Proud of her”: 17-year-old woman pulls gun on home intruder [VIDEO]

Kimber Wood, 17, defended herself in her home when a wanted man tried to break in. She said she knew what she had to do. (Photo via KHQ)

When a wanted man tried to break into her family’s home early on Monday morning, 17-year-old Kimber Wood of Spokane, WA sprang into action to protect herself using her family’s gun.

According to the NBC affiliate KHQ, the incident started around 5:00 am on Monday morning when the police discovered a stolen car and then went into pursuit. Officers set up a perimeter after the suspect ditched the car and fled on foot.

Wood’s parents and boyfriend, before leaving for work, were notified of the story with a police update from KHQ. Kimber’s boyfriend, after speaking with police, informed Kimber that there was a suspect on the loose in their area and that she should do whatever she could to protect herself. Kimber then phoned her Dad to get his permission to use one of his guns in the event she would need it. He obviously agreed.

Kimber grabbed her father’s gun, stuck it under her pillow, and went back to sleep. Shortly thereafter, Kimber woke up to the sound of someone trying to break into her house. She grabbed the gun and hid before finding herself confronting the suspect her parents and boyfriend warned her about.

She pointed her gun at the suspect. “Who are you? Get the f-k out of my house!”

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The suspect then fled the house. According to Kimber, she fired one shot to scare him away, and the suspect stole her boyfriend’s ATV.

“You heart feels like it is going out of its chest,” Kimber said following the incident. “I couldn’t breath well but I knew I had to.”

Now, she’s being lauded by police for standing her ground.

“When I found out a 17-year-old defended herself I thought that’s fantastic,” one deputy said.

“I’m not her dad and I’m proud of her,” another officer said.

Police have yet to apprehend the suspect. They said they have a good idea who he is, but believe he’s not a danger to the public.