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First Milo, then Coulter: Berkeley blocks Ben Shapiro from speaking

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Administrators at UC-Berkeley have canceled conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s scheduled September 14th appearance, citing an inability to “identify an available campus venue.”

Ben Shapiro slammed UC-Berkeley, in a press release issued by Young America’s Foundation on Thursday night, referring to their “legal and moral obligation to ensure” that conservative students have their voices heard.

“Using ridiculous pretexts to keep conservatives from speaking is unsurprising, but disappointing,” Shapiro stated. “We’ll find a way to get this event done.”

The original email, obtained by Red Alert Politics, details UC-Berkeley’s “extensive efforts” to identify a campus venue suitable for Shapiro.

Email obtained from UC-Berkeley

“Although it is not common practice for the Dean of Students office or the LEAD Center to work on securing space reservations on behalf of a Registered Student Organization (RSO), our interest in supporting your ability to host speakers of your choice has led us to make additional efforts on your behalf,” the email reads.

After paying lip service to the free speech rights of Shapiro and the College Republicans, the school pivoted to administrative rules and regulations that would prevent the scheduled event from proceeding as planned.

The event, titled “Ben Shapiro v. Berkeley,” was intended to promote free speech at UC-Berkeley, a campus where students’ violent riots prevented Milo Yiannopolous and Ann Coulter from speaking. In the case of Yiannopolous, Antifa protesters set fire to a portion of campus, causing over $100,000 of damages.

“This attempt to block Ben Shapiro is the University of California, Berkeley’s third instance of shredding the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of conservative students who’ve tried to host YAF speakers on their campus,” Spencer Brown, Young America’s Foundation spokesman, said. “An endless stream of liberal speakers continue to be granted opportunities to speak, unobstructed by time, place, or manner restrictions while conservatives are continually treated unequally, and repeatedly relegated to the margins of campus activity.”

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