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The “Michigan First” candidate: Why Kid Rock is going to be a U.S. Senator


The media is having a good time mocking Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie’s run for the U.S. Senate in Michigan. They claim that it’s either a publicity stunt, the end of decency in politics, or that he has no chance at all.

Save an unpredictable event, Ritchie, a Rock ‘n’ Roll rapper turned country star who keeps company with strippers, has a sex tape on the web, and waves a Confederate flag on stage while singing about his love for his biracial son, has a very good chance of winning the election for the Senate seat in Michigan in 2018.

It has very little to do with the fact that he’s famous, though his celebrity gives him high name ID recognition and the potential to raise a lot of money.

Ritchie seems almost perfect for elected office at this time in American history. He was born and raised in Macomb County, an important swing county which tends to support outsiders. He has a beer company that operates and employs people in the state, and is a reserve police officer in Oakley, Michigan. Also, he’s funded the remodeling of a soup kitchen in Detroit.

Just call him the “Michigan First” candidate.

The biggest advantage that Ritchie has is his aversion to politics as usual, because the system is not working for the average American.

In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention, Americans are tired of Washington and all it represents. They were so desperate for a change on both sides of the aisle that the Democrats nearly nominated a 75-year old socialist with few legislative accomplishments and Republicans elected a reality show star.

They put aside their negative personal feelings towards Trump, the Access Hollywood video, his Twitter account, all the gaffes, and voted for a human wrecking ball because Washington is not working.

Unfortunately, since the working and middle classes handed the Republicans total control of the government, they’ve attempted to help by pushing forward policies that are not in their interest. They’ve tried to pass tax cuts for the rich, a healthcare bill with a bailout for insurance companies, and expand H2B visas that put blue-collar Americans in direct competition with cheap foreign labor.

Either Washington still doesn’t get it, doesn’t care, or is absolutely fine with the oncoming civic crisis in our institutions and politics — as long as their lobbyist friends are doing well and they’re winning re-election.

So, Trump for President, it happened. Kid Rock for Senate, hell yeah. Jenna Jameson for Speaker of the House, why the hell not?

The American people are hurting and very few in Washington leadership seem to care or are willing to put their priorities aside for the will of the people.

Politics is going to get weird as the working class looks for a champion who’s actually able to save them. If Washington wants to stop the next Trump (i.e. Ritchie), and whoever else might come along, then they have to realize that they’re the problem.

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