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Debunked: Women’s March blames ‘NRA member’ for racist sign, turns out she’s a pink-hatted activist

screengrab – Twitter

The official social media account for the Women’s March is blasting an individual who held a hateful, racists sign amongst NRA counter-protesters this weekend. The Women’s March says the sign is held by a National Rifle Association (NRA) counter protester, but Red Alert Politics has identified the individual as a left-wing supporter of the Women’s March.

The sign read, “2nd amend. 4 whites only” and was held by Gaye Lynn Taxey, former Assistant Attorney General of Virginia.

via Twitter

This was as marchers walked down Waples Mill Road, home of the NRA headquarters, chanting, “Hands up; don’t shoot!,” under the protection of dozens of armed guards.

The Women’s March social media team documented Taxey and her sign, ready for the opportunity to take a jab at the NRA. Their tweet read, “the people who protested against #NRA2DOJ are the same people who believe the 2nd Amendment only applies to white people. We see you, @NRA.”

Unfortunately for them, the lady wielding the vile sign was actually an anti-NRA activist, and Women’s march participant.

After being damned by the “pro-female organizers,” Taxey replied with a series of tweets, including photos of her with prominent leftists political figures, in an attempt to be accepted back into the “inclusive” group and set the record straight.

A quick search across the internet confirms Taxey’s identity. She spoke to TMN at a rally to support Planned Parenthood just weeks ago.

Gayelynn Taxey’s Facebook photo

Despite Taxey’s efforts to set the record straight, the Women’s March has not issued a correction or redaction. Instead, they continue to paint Taxey as a racist NRA supporter to further their narrative about conservatives.

Red Alert Politics reached out the the Women’s March to ask about the dishonest social media post, but did not get a response in time for publication. Red Alert Politics will update with their response, if we ever receive one.  

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