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The Vice-President just hired a millennial to run his office


Scandals have been plaguing the Trump administration, but Vice President Mike Pence has managed to stay out of most headlines. This has left some to think he may be positioning himself to be Commander-in-Chief in 2020 or 2024. In order to do that, the VP has hired a millennial to help him get through the next four to eight years unscathed.

Pence hired 34-year old Nick Ayers to be his chief of staff, reported The Daily Beast on Friday.

Even though Ayers is fairly young, he has a political resume any seasoned vet would admire. At 24, he was the executive director of the Republican Governor’s Association where he led the committee in charge of winning more governorships. From 2007 (when he started) until 2011 (when he left), the GOP went from controlling 25 governorships to 32.

Some of his biggest victories included getting Chris Christie (N.J.), Bob McDonnell (Virg.), Rick Scott (Fla.), Paul LePage (Maine), Rick Snyder (Mich.), Susana Martinez (N.M.), and Scott Walker (Wisc.) all elected.

After RGA, Ayers ran or consulted in races including Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Gov. Bruce Rauner (Ill.), and most importantly, Pence’s re-election bid for governor of Indiana in 2016.

He was so successful at his job that Pence and even Steve Bannon suggested Ayers become chairman of the Republican National Committee, but ended up in second place.

Ayers is considered a grown up in the room and extremely savvy, who can help Pence navigate the political minefield, especially when it comes to pushing the President’s policies and not get caught up in the Russia investigation.

It might take the efforts of a millennial to push forward the Trump agenda and maybe even make Pence the president one day.

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