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The ‘Libertarian Game of Thrones’ parody is almost too perfect [VIDEO]

Reason’s take on Game of Thrones might be their magnum opus. (Photo via Reason)

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones returns on Sunday night with its seventh season, and to add to every fan’s excitement, Reason depicted what the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros would be like for a libertarian.

When looking at the colossal ice wall along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, the libertarian asks why they hate the people (i.e. free folk/wildlings) to the north so much.

“They are a savage, backwards, knuckle-dragging people,” his companion explains. “They do whatever they please, they marry who they want, they pay no taxes. Do you know they don’t even have a real king? Just some guy they voluntarily choose to follow. They’re savages.”

Puzzled, the libertarian’s head all but explodes.

In other scenes, the libertarian is seen in a meeting with King Joffrey imploring that they focus on internal matters than intervene on an issue outside of their domain.

“Westeros is a sh*t show,” the libertarian explains about everything that’s wrong with Westeros, drawing ire from the king. “I mean, at this point I think it’s fairly clear that we suck at this governing thing, right?”

The best part comes when the libertarian is being quizzed about the differences between Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians.

“The Democrats. Sigil: A donkey. Words: It was Russia’s fault?” The libertarian guesses.

“No,” his teacher responds. “A common saying, but not their official motto.”

That’s when a light bulb appears over the libertarian’s head, who responds with the correct answer, “There’s always a victim.”

Watch the full video below [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD]: