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Grab your Kleenex: Airline to provide trigger warnings for emotional movies

Screen grab – Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has adopted trigger warnings for the movies they offer mid-flight.

Because many passengers have had emotional reactions, whether happy or sad, to films like LaLa Land or Moonlight, the airline plans to give customers an ‘emotion warning’ that they’re about to watch a tearjerker.

“Apparently, emotions are heightened when you are on a flight so you are more susceptible to be caught up in the drama and sentiment of a film – that’s my excuse, anyway!” business magnate Richard Branson explained.

Trigger warnings began as a way to warn survivors of traumatic experiences — such as sexual violence, crime, torture, or content that might “trigger” a victim. However, the use of trigger warnings expanded to college campuses when professors started using them on their syllabi to warn if course content might involve racism, classism, sexism, or other instances of privilege and oppression.

Academics, passionate about a well-rounded, liberal arts education have warned that trigger warnings prevent students from growth, because they keep students from being presented with challenging ideas. Others argue that these trigger warnings are used as an effort to remove ideas simply because they might cause someone discomfort or offense.

Trigger warnings in the classroom have created an atmosphere in which students feel as if they can’t share their personal opinions because it might offend someone else. These warnings have created a snowball effect, making it justifiable to cancel speakers because they might offend students, instead of recognizing how the speaker would intellectually stimulate students and allow them to hear a viewpoint different from their own.

Now the concept of trigger warnings has expanded from college campuses to real life. These warning messages were originally created to help victims of a traumatic experience and are now being watered down to protect individuals from any negative emotion… even sadness from a sappy movie.

If you’re not capable of handling your emotions, and bringing a few Kleenex with you on a plane, are you really mature enough to fly on an airplane in the first place?


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