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Top Democrat: Trump “doesn’t want people of color to vote”

Tom Perez is trying to save the Democratic party, but is seeing a rise of Democrats of color who are circumventing the DNC to advance their agenda. (Photo via AP)

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez sent out a tweet claiming that President Donald Trump doesn’t want people of color to vote. This ridiculous accusation against President Trump is just like the argument that everybody you disagree with politically is just like Hitler.

Unfortunately, this has been the go-to argument of people on the left. When someone doesn’t have an argument, they must default to the personal attacks, like calling their opponent a racist.

Perez’s commentary isn’t sitting well with the collective internet’s soul, and he’s getting straight-up roasted on Twitter for it.

It has already been established that with Tom Perez at the helm of the DNC, their strategy is “when they go high, you go lower.” However, it doesn’t seem to be working out for the embattled DNC chair. Perez isn’t just in hot water over this tweet, black Democrats are upset that the DNC isn’t working with them.

I suppose it could be worse though; the DNC almost ended up with Keith Ellison who has made such horrendous comments that they caught the attention of the Anti-Defamation League.


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