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Safe space? New Twitter feature allows users to build their own echo-chamber

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

When Twitter isn’t busy silencing pro-life groups or banning Milo Yiannopoulos from their platform, they’re hard at work making new features to tune people and opinions out.

A new notification feature allows you to block out opinions that you don’t want to hear. The stifling feature essentially lets users disable notifications regarding tweets from certain accounts. Essentially, you can create your own echo-chamber.

The new feature isn’t the same as blocking or muting a single user, though; Twitter’s new algorithm supposedly filters out other unwanted people from your notifications.

This sounds perfect if you need a safe space and you’re trying to drown out a whole lot of opinions you don’t like.

Twitter’s support page says these advanced filters allow users to disable notifications from accounts “you don’t follow,” “don’t follow you,” or that “you’d like to avoid.”

Twitter Safety also released a video about their new feature.

You can go to your Twitter notification settings page and mute notifications from a whole list of people.

The real question though, is will conservatives use the new feature to tune out liberal trolls or will conservatives stay true to their free speech values and continue to see leftist hate flood their mentions? Tweet at @RedAlert or me @RickyRapsFL to let us know.



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