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Paging Doctor Lahren: Tomi diagnoses ‘acute chronic snowflakeism’ in new PAC ad

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Conservative personality Tomi Lahren is out with a new thirty second advertisement sponsored by the Great America Alliance — her new gig after losing a lucrative pundit position at TheBlaze.

“Are you or someone you love having difficulty accepting the fact Donald Trump won the presidency?” she asks in the opening sequence. “You may be suffering from acute chronic snowflakeism.”

Acting like a pharmaceutical spokeswoman, Lahren prescribes the cure for the liberal disease — visiting the website

Lahren cites symptoms such as “feeling the Bern” and protesting that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by whining “I’m with her.” Lahren also mentions additional symptoms such as ignoring the Clinton email servers scandal, Obama’s Iran poor nuclear deal, and the Benghazi fiasco.

The Great America Alliance has a strong track record of success, raising $30 million dollars to elect President Donald Trump in 2016.

Spokesperson for the Great America Alliance, Patrick Dorinson, told the Washington Examiner that the ad “was addressing the fact that after six months people are still protesting Donald Trump as president,” and that it was “meant to introduce ‘levity.'”

Lahren’s role as a high profile, millennial conservative puts her center stage in this satirical public service announcement; many expect similar content from Lahren and the Great America Alliance to debut in the near future.