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Nevada calls a state of emergency because they ran out of weed

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The state of Nevada has declared a state of emergency — for running out of weed.

Barely legalized for a week, the state ran out of legal cannabis herb, prompting the state’s department of taxation to call the “statement of emergency.”

Nevada became the fifth state of the union to legalize recreational pot on July 1st. However, officials in the Silver State did not foresee what came next. They ran out of product.

According to Fusion, the lack of kush is not due to a shortage of supply but rather complications rising from distribution licenses.

“To appease liquor distributors, officials gave them exclusive rights to transport wholesale marijuana during the first year and a half after the new law took effect,” Fusion reported.

Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, supported the measure taken by tax officials, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The proposed solution is a new regulation, which would allow the taxation department to consider a significantly larger number of distributor applications. A vote on the regulation is expected any day now by the Nevada Tax Commission.

Soon the crisis will be solved and Nevada residents will once again be able to legally smoke the Ganga.

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