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Lauren Southern: New Media is overtaking the out-dated mainstream

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Cable News Network (CNN), as Ben Shapiro puts it, has “lit itself on fire.”

In addition to CNN’s blatant biases masquerading as objectivity, the journalists at CNN recently threatened to dox the Reddit user who allegedly made the WWE meme; many are irate at the possibility that CNN could be blackmailing a fifteen year old kid. There are also problems at Fox News. Every time you think the scandals have ended, another set of rumors or firing occurs. These scandals seem to permeate almost every show.

It is evident why someone would cut the mainstream media out of their daily routine altogether. Advances in technology and overall frustration with news outlets have inspired a backlash.

New Media is the name of this phenomenon, and it is quickly gaining traction. New media overwhelmingly leans right, in order to counteract the left-leaning mainstream, according to Lauren Southern, an online journalist and rising star of new media. Southern told Red Alert Politics that the left’s presence online relies heavily on “The Young Turks” while the right has a deep bench of online starts such as Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, and Paul Joseph Watson.

Without recent technological advancements and greater accessibility to equipment, there would be no new media, Southern told Red Alert Politics.

“You couldn’t go out on YouTube and have millions of followers, or livestream,” Southern explains. “Back then you had to have equipment that cost thousands of dollars, but now all you need is a camera that costs a couple hundred dollars and you’re set.”

It’s undeniable that easy access to internet, a smartphone in every hand, and the improvement of handheld camera have played a large role in the backlash against cable news; however, one cannot ignore the overwhelmingly right-wing presence that peppers the new media.

4Chan, a message board website with many right-leaning members, has mobilized throughout social media, filling threads with endless #MAGA tweets and Pepe the Frog memes. In fact, there is an entire fictional nation, named Kekistan, that totes Pepe as their unofficial mascot and has devoted itself to helping Trump get to the White House, through their many internet projects.

Many believe that President Trump would have lost the election had new media not been formed. Empowering everyday people to become real-time journalists and get their message out to the masses was a truly an invigorating culture shock for the right.

While the 2016 election was a tide-turning victory, we should not become comfortable, simply relying on new media to keep the country afloat. Hollywood is nipping at our ankles and CNN will always look for a way to slander President Trump. After all, 93 percent of their campaign coverage about then-candidate Trump was negative, according to Harvard researchers. It would be naïve to expect the liberal elites to warm up to an ideology that seeks to ignore them.

Southern echoes this sentiment.

“Popular culture is the most liberal it has ever been before… battles for free speech and traditionalism never end.”

It is our responsibility to transform our culture from elitist back to populist. No longer will we toleration leftists all over the media dismissing our beliefs as racist or deplorable; with new media, we finally punch back. The culture war has just begun.

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