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This college will allow prospective students to visit for free — if they are a minority

(Photo via Reed College)

It’s well known that college is expensive, but one college in Oregon is trying to make it easier for high school students to visit their campus ahead of enrolling. That is, if they’re not white.

Reed College’s Discover Fly-in program gives prospective students “the opportunity to be hosted by current students in the residence halls, dine on-campus, sit in on Reed classes, and interact closely with Reed College faculty, students, and staff.”

The catch is that you have to be from a “historically underrepresented racial and ethnic background.” That means you have to be either an African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander in order to be eligible for the program.

Of course, private colleges have offered travel assistance to racial and ethnic minorities for years, and oftentimes they include students from low income families. However, excluding prospective students on the basis of race or ethnicity is antithetical to our society that should be giving everyone a fair shot.

Reed College’s website doesn’t show that indigent prospective students from any background are allowed to apply for a travel voucher, just historically underrepresented ones.

This completely excludes the subset of the population that’s impacted by poverty the most. According to the National Center for Children of Poverty fact sheet from 2014, 4.2 million children in poverty are white, compared to 4 million Latinos, 3.6 million African Americans, 400,000 Asians, and 200,000 American Indians.

If this program that doubles down on identity and racial politics becomes a trend amongst other colleges, it will only drive a wedge deeper between the white working class and everyone else. Liberals are only making it worse for themselves, and it’ll only come back to haunt them with more election losses.

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