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Bernie Sanders: GOP healthcare bill will be worse than 9/11

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Bernie Sanders is back at it again with vitriolic rhetoric against the right. Bernie, the friendly healthcare liar, is now claiming that the Republican healthcare bill will kill nine times the number of people killed on 9/11.. every year. Pro tip: comparing a political opponent’s bill to one of the worst tragedies in American history is not a good look. Maybe Rand Paul needs to remind Bernie Sanders that Socialism is not the same as compassion, again.

Bernie Sanders, who made $1 million selling Socialism to college kids in 2016, is now getting called out for his latest attack against Republicans. Normally, people are busy calling out Bernie for criticizing millionaires while simultaneously owning three homes. Rand Paul has even called out the aging socialist in a video asking why Bernie doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes. These criticisms can be dismissed though, because a Washington Post writer doesn’t think it’s hypocritical for Bernie Sanders to be a socialist and a millionaire at the same time.

Bernie Sanders isn’t alone. In a time when Democrats are desperate to do anything they can to save President Obama’s trademark legislation from being thrown out, the rhetoric is ramping up. In fact, Elizabeth Warren called the Republican healthcare bill “blood money” and claimed that Republicans are paying for tax cuts with American Lives.

Let’s all think back to the 2016 election when Bernie Sanders and everyone else on the left was telling Trump to calm down his rhetoric. I wonder what the left’s reaction would’ve been if Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton was worse than 9/11?

The politically correct (PC) Police of 2016 have turned in to the fear mongers of 2017. The same people that were calling Trump a violent hate-monger are now calling for Jihad against Donald Trump and saying things are ‘worse than 9/11’ when they’re really not even close.

Watch Bernie Sanders claim that the Republican healthcare bill is worse than 9/11:


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