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Ralph Peters to Tucker Carlson: If you don’t want war with Russia, you’re like a Nazi apologist [VIDEO]


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday and went into a tirade against the Fox News host for daring to question the need to fight any and all wars.

Tucker Carlson’s segment was about whether the U.S. should work with Russia against terrorists and ISIS. This comes in light of recent news that Vladimir Putin’s forces killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State.

Peters insisted that Russia did not kill him, and they haven’t actually been fighting ISIS very much. He went on to say they’re targeting “hospitals, clinics, schools, and the people we’ve been supporting.” The Lt. Colonel said we can’t ally with terrorists against terrorists, which is what he accused the Russians of being and even said that Putin was the closest thing to “pure evil.”

Carlson insisted that Russia did not seem like a direct threat to the American homeland and asked the question that many foreign policy realists have been asking for a long time, “how many wars can we fight at once?”

Well, Peters just about lost it. “You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying ‘Hitler hasn’t attacked us,’” the Lt. Colonel said comparing Carlson to a Nazi sympathizer.

Defending his honor, Carlson called Peters remark “insane” and said, “You just compared me to a Nazi apologist because I asked the question, which is, why not contravene American interests with a group trying to kill ISIS?”

“He is as bad as Hitler,” Peters insisted and then apologized for the Lindbergh reference but insisted again, “you sound like someone in 1938 saying ‘what’s Hitler done to us?’ Putin is the equivalent of Hitler.”

Carlson reminded Peters that he has been a champion for the many wars in the Middle East like Iraq that have turned out to be disasters for U.S. foreign policy. Peters has compared multiple people to Hitler including Putin, ISIS, and Iran.

To neocons like Peters, it’s always 1939, every bad guy is as bad as Hitler, and every war is the good war worth the lives of America’s sons and daughters.

Watch the full clip below: