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Chelsea Manning is an economically illiterate man


Chelsea Manning is everything negative you’ve ever heard about a millennial wrapped up in one person: a gender fluid, non-conformist, political progressive with questionable loyalties who has a bad taste in music.

Like any other proud member of this millennial subset, Manning has moved to becoming an active political pundit spewing out an endless supply of economic fallacies and emojis.

On July 9, Manning tweeted that only the rich believe taxation is theft.

It should go without saying that Manning is wrong. There are plenty of billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett who want to increase taxes and plenty of working-class people who want to eliminate or reduce them.

Taxation is the notion that the government owns a portion of your income for whatever it considers to be for the general good. Income is the result of your ability and time, therefore the government owns a portion of your life. Most of the time, the whole debate over taxes is a disagreement over whether the government should own the first three or four months of your year before you’re free to take home the fruits of your labor.

Manning’s vision is that poorer people should be granted a very low tax rate and more freedom, while highly successful people should be taxed more and have less freedom.

It’s ironic that Manning is so ungrateful to the wealthy given that they paid the taxes for the hormone therapy to turn a once effeminate man into a manly woman.

Manning has an absolute right to believe whatever she wants to believe. The right to be wrong is guaranteed as much as the right to be offensive. The problem with Manning stems from the fact that she-ish has become a cult hero for the subset of millennials who believe the world owes them something, that all injustices can be fixed by a powerful benevolent government working to build trains, cut off penises, and house refugees.

Nothing Manning espoused is true. Taxation is theft and we just fight over how much they steal. There is no struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, and big government will always eventually become corrupt and abusive.

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