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A 21st century Senator: Meet the real Indian challenging Sen. Warren in 2018

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Shiva Ayyadurai has done an A+ job trolling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who he’s challenging in 2018. He even mailed her a DNA kit for her birthday to prove her Native American ancestry that she famously claimed while being a professor at Harvard University.

Behind the tweets, where he declares that “only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian,” is a thoughtful campaign centered around changing education reform and more government accountability.

During a conversation with Red Alert Politics, Ayyadurai said that he believed America was at a crossroads of another golden age created by science and technology.

“Science and technology has always moved history forward,” the Republican candidate said. “If you looked at what the founders were about, they were part of the scientific revolution. The creator put in place natural laws and we should use our reason to discover that. Technology and science give us more truth, freedom, and health.”

A key part of his campaign is promoting vocational education that supports jobs in the STEM fields. He also wants to rework the H1B system, so Americans are given preference over foreign workers of filling potential job openings.

“For every 17 skilled job openings in Massachusetts, we only have one trained worker qualified to fill that position,” he continued. “The reality is the educational system is useless, we’re not producing skilled people.”

Part of the way Ayyadurai plans on changing the education model is by “unleashing vocational education” and promoting more online classes.

“We need to go back to the trades, skilled education. We need to get rid of four-year requirements for medical school,” Ayyadurai said. “The solution is to unleash educational opportunity.”

Ayyadurai also champions creating public-private educational franchises to help train people for new skills. He said that the model is working in parts of India and could be successful in the U.S.

An idea that most would find radical is his belief that the U.S. should eliminate student loans and replace them with work study programs.

“There’s no incentive for colleges to lower the cost of colleges. A lot of those costs go the administration and they have no incentive to lower the tuition. It’s a misnomer to call it a student loan, it goes from the government to the institution,” he continued. 

“Community colleges should also be allowed to give out four-year degrees, it could create a competitive environment that may force schools to lower tuition.”

He also believes in reforming H1B laws, which takes qualified workers from overseas and usually pays them to replace Americans at a lower rate.

“I believe H1B should be wound down drastically,” the Republican candidate continued.  “I came here as an immigrant, when America had a shortage of tech knowledge. We decided to have brain drain from countries overseas instead of training Americans and addressing the issue. By draining the best people from other countries we suppress the skills for our own indigenous people.”

Ayyadurai also said it robbed other countries of their best and brightest who may have worked to reform their homeland.

The Republican candidate said that one of the most important differences between himself and Warren is that he is actually looking out for the little guy.

“We had a breakdown in the 1940s and 1950s,” Ayyadurai said. “Wall Street, academia, corporations, what Eisenhower said the military-industrial complex began to fail the American public. It allowed people like Warren to consolidate power by stating she was helping the little guy when the policies she champions are in fact hurting him.”

“Democrats in Washington say they want to help the small guy but they’ve helped big banks, big business, and the medical and insurance industry.”

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