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Democratic establishment seeks to boot Bernie Sanders in 2018

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

While the Democratic Party attempts to rebuild and unite, bitter Hillary Clinton supporters are plotting the political destruction of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who remains a threat to their influence. Clinton’s allies have been working nonstop to unseat Sanders and diminish his relevance among the millennial voting bloc.

Sanders, who won 71 percent of the vote in his 2012 re-election campaign for Senate and 86 percent of the vote in Vermont during the 2016 presidential primaries, is considered a major threat to the Democratic establishment.

Leading the charge is Vermont resident and avid Clinton supporter Jon Svitavsky, a homeless shelter director, who announced on July 5 that he will be challenging Sanders in 2018.

Svitavsky and his supporters feel that Sanders is bad news for the Democratic Party, and they will stop at nothing to end his career.

“I think Sanders has hurt our country very badly with what he’s done,” Svitavsky told NPR. “So not only did Bernie divide the Democratic Party and what not, but he continues to bash them, even on the unity tour, saying that Democrats and Republicans are the same, and they’re not.”

While Sanders has remained a critic of the DNC, he didn’t bash Democrats during the DNC unity tour and one would be hard pressed to find such a comparison quote from the socialist.

Clinton supporters have handpicked Svitavsky through a group called Organizing for Democrats-U.S.A. (OFD). OFD noted on their Facebook page that it’s “time for Democrats to unite against the Bernie Bot elements.”

Faced with defeat after defeat, the establishment is in self-preservation mode, and the 75-year old is really cramping their style. The senator has called for a “fundamental restructuring of the Democratic Party” and has blamed Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for Trump’s election.

“We need a Democratic Party which is not the party of the liberal elite but a party of the working class of this country,” he stated at a rally in April. “We need a party that is a grass roots party, a party where candidates are talking to working people, not spending their time raising money for the wealthy and the powerful.”

Svitavsky isn’t the only Clinton supporter who’s put his name in the ring. Folasade Adeluola of Indiana, also filed a statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission on June 6, despite having no connection to the state of Vermont.

If the Democratic establishment is successful at unseating Sanders, the results could be devastating for the DNC. Sanders won the votes of more young people in the primaries than Trump and Clinton combined, and has built a loyal populist movement that could easily rival the Democratic Party in future elections. As we saw in 2016, a Bernie Bro never forgets.

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