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“WTF” is the new party alternative for Democrats

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Young Democrats have a new outlet where they can build the movement and vent their political frustrations to leaders, bypassing the Democratic Party establishment.

Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga, teamed up with Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and other venture capitalists to launch a digital platform called “Win the Future,” also known as “WTF.” The site went live on Tuesday and brands itself as a digital hub where users can create and fund “pro-business, pro-planet” political messaging campaigns and register as volunteers.

The site is currently running a campaign in which users can tweet their ideas for messages on a series of billboards throughout the bustling DC metropolitan area. Messages that meet this pro-business, eco-friendly criteria and receive the most “upvotes” will make the cut, and small donations will fund each $5,000 billboard.

Pincus equates the WTF model to that of “collective bargaining,” and hopes that WTF will eventually become a “political e-commerce” platform for young people to get their ideas out and force liberal politicians to adopt their policies. Essentially, it’s both a lobbying organization and a political party, minus all the unnecessary overhead and political back scratching. Pincus even hopes WTF will allow him to recruit candidates that align with its ideas.

As the Democratic Party establishment stubbornly insists on continuing down its losing path, million-dollar donors like Pincus are acting on their sense of betrayal and frustration with how their political donations are being spent. He argues that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) asks for money, but refuses to listen to the American people.

“I just don’t feel respected in the political process as a large donor or as a citizen voter,” Pincus said. “I just feel patronized.”

While the idea is innovative and has the potential to shift the tide of progressive activism toward a more centrist-focused movement, the challenge WTF faces is the same challenge Republicans face: How do you get millions of Americans to agree on the same principles?

Moreover, the same millennials targeted by Pincus are hammered with far-leftist principles in their classrooms, on television, in their social media feeds, and by the press. HuffPost ripped WTF the day it launched, noting that the group’s “technocratic bent” ignores the success of “populist campaigns” like those of President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Whether or not Pincus and Hoffman succeed, the emergence of WTF is proof that the DNC remains completely out of touch with mainstream America, and its loyal constituents and donors are rapidly jumping ship before 2018.

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