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No, Jezebel, interracial relationships don’t “further white supremacy”

Liberals are triggered by many things. Now, they’re triggered by interracial couples and marriages onscreen. My God, the horror. (Photo via The Big Sick)

Liberal outrage over film and cinema has reached an all-time high. Instead of focusing attention onto issues that actually matter, Aditi Natasha Kini decided to share her thoughts via Jezebel that the movie The Big Sick is bad because interracial marriage advances white supremacy.

The film, which is based on a true story, depicts how Pakistani Muslim comedy writer Kumail Nanjiani (who plays himself) met his now-wife Emily Gordon (portrayed by Zoe Kazan), a white American woman. It’s a heartwarming tale, and shows the struggles that some couples go through when cultures clash and they’re forced to find some common ground.

Kini, who had some nice things to say about the film overrall, was unimpressed with how Nanjiani’s story and Aziz Ansari’s Netflix show Master of None were erasing brown women in entertainment. The title of her story says it all, “I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall in Love With White Women Onscreen.”

“They’re both masturbatory fantasies that give brown men the vantage point of a white male cinephile,” Kini wrote. “They’re similar in that they’re comedians who hold white media accountable for under-representation of brown people, yet seem to be casting non-brown women in the meatiest roles.”

She continued. “In short: this is not good enough. Representation isn’t a checklist, or an excuse for exclusion of more minoritized people. ‘Representation’ like this furthers white supremacy and does not engage with critiques of white allyship.”

Let me just say for the record that I am a product of a brown Pakistan Muslim man falling in love with a white American woman. And while my three siblings are all married to or engaged to brown people (Indian, Bengali, and Pakistani), I’m currently the one dissenter by dating a Jewish woman.

Does that mean I’m advancing white supremacy? Of course not.

Liberals constantly preach that you should marry the person you love, especially when it comes to debates over same-sex marriage. But when it comes to marrying outside your race or ethnicity, all of sudden it’s taboo.

While Kini cites Mindy Kaling, an Indian American woman, finding plenty of white male love in The Mindy Project, she failed to recognize that in another wildly popular show, Quantico, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra is the object of affection for white men, too.

Do these shows advance white supremacy? God, no. If anything, all of these shows continue to normalize the idea of interracial couples and marriage that was actually illegal in the United States 50 years ago before Loving v. Virginia.

This proves that liberals and social justice warriors are literally finding the tiniest things to be mad about and making a career out of it.

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