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Funny or Die is dead: Using Jesus to mock Republicans isn’t funny


Funny or Die is out with a new video called, “The Miracles of Jesus Under Trumpcare.” Surprisingly, the video contains very few miracles and even fewer laughs.

The skit asks “WWJD” or “what would Jesus do?” under the American Healthcare Act. According to Funny or Die, Jesus would not tend to the poor, those with pre-existing conditions, the elderly, or anyone suffering from “women’s issues.”

In addition to few miracles and few laughs, the skit includes few facts.

At a certain point, the “Republicans are pushing Granny over a cliff” just isn’t believable anymore. The idea that women’s care would no longer be accessible under the American Healthcare Act, due to the shutdown of Planned Parenthood, is not only a far stretched “doom and gloom” forecast, but also ignores the thousands of federally qualified women’s clinics across the country that exist outside of Planned Parenthood.

And of course there’s the point to be made that Jesus wasn’t the government — he was in essence private charity. And there’s a big difference between the two.

While misleading and highly sacrilegious, the skit is semi-professionally made, until the tail end where it devolves into a bizarre and uncomfortable scene where the Jesus character is ripping his hair out and screaming about the free market and tax cuts. It’s almost as if a smart, witty commentary on healthcare was too much for the folks at Funny or Die to handle, so they ended the skit with immature overtures to masterbation and Mitch McConnell in a time machine instead.

If you’re looking to be offended, give it a watch. Otherwise, it may be time to write off Funny or Die for good.

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